Monday, December 5, 2011


Finally!  My holiday has finally started!!!  Been down with school stuffs and other official duties every day since school was closed and I finally had my holiday on Monday!  Hooray!  So what have I been doing?  Basically, the first few days I just SLACKED... and I mean totally slacked... I really needed that.  I was too exhausted and I needed to just do NOTHING!  Oh well, of course I helped Hubby with Rayyan here and there but I didn't really get down to the things that I wanted to do this holiday.

And after a few days of rest, I was ready to get down to business.  So what is in my checklist this holiday? Basically, I want to make use of this holiday for Rayyan, to do some planning, to put some structures in place (gosh, I really sound like a teacher) and to just spend more time with him.  I owe him that.  He misses me so much and I think that he is always afraid that I will disappear if he doesn't hold on to me because whenever we go out, he refuses to let go of my hand and doesn't want to hold Hubby's hand at all!  Poor Hubby...

Anyway, here's the detailed checklist...

1) Organise his play room.  

His play room is actually quite neat but I don't like the fact that toys are stacked on top of each other and there are many 'old' toys that he has outgrown and doesn't play with anymore.  Furthermore, he received many new toys for his birthday so I need to make space for that.  And I am glad that this has actually been done. Hehe.. I have added shelves, put away old toys and wiped clean each toy in the room!  Phew!  Took me one whole day and times like these, I wish I still have my  helper with me.

I like the fact that there are shelves now because that means, he can't reach for his toys and have to request and that gives him more opportunities to talk :))

And yes, a friend did comment in FB that I must consider the colour of the room because she is a teacher in a primary school and their special needs room had to be repainted because it was yellow and orange and a specialist recommended to the principal to change the colour as the colour can distract these kids.  Yes, yes, I actually knew that the colour of Rayyan's room is too bright AFTER I have painted the room.  And to think that before we painted the room, the room was light blue!  Sheesh!!  Rayyan is now used to the colour of the room but I still think it is better if we change the colour.  Hope we can change the colour of the room by mid next year...

2) Organise his gym room/OT room.

We have converted Rayyan's bedroom to his gym room@OT room.  His bed has been moved next to our bed as he still needs to feel our presence when he sleeps and he is not ready to sleep on his own yet.  We do hope he can sleep on his own soon so that Mummy and Daddy can have their very much needed privacy! lol  Anyway, we have a trampoline, crash bag and two different types of swings in the room.  It is a place for him to let off steam.  He cannot stay in the room for too long though because if he does, he will get more hyped up and will start jumping and laughing non-stop!!

This room needs a new coat of paint as the walls look pretty dirty and I want to decorate it a bit.  Not too much though, I've learnt my lesson with the play room... hehe

3) Do a comprehensive time-table/schedule for Rayyan.

Hubby has done a great job taking care of Rayyan but one thing is seriously lacking, he doesn't have a time-table/schedule for Rayyan, whatever he feels like doing, he will do.  I seriously feel that a comprehensive schedule is important because it requires planning and many considerations take place when you plan.  I want to make sure that all the important activities are included and that the activities are done at regular intervals so that learning can be maximised and whatever interventions that we want to do will be effective.  And to do this, I really need to observe Rayyan and then try out the time-table to make sure it is feasible enough.

4) Find a good occupational therapist for Rayyan

Rayyan is an active boy with good gross motor skills.  He doesn't have any problems with the playground but I do need help in other areas.  He still tip toes, still super active, jumping and flapping his arms when he is excited.  When he is excited and hyper, it is very difficult to get through him.  And the thing is, he is excited and happy most of the time!  This I think, hinders learning and communication.  I need an OT to help me deal with this and also, to help me improve on his writing skills.  Rayyan HATES writing!  Till now, he can't even do a straight line, as in a really straight line.  Whenever he has to write, he just do it in any way he wants, not concentrating, not putting in effort and sometimes, throwing a huge tantrum when he sees that he has to do some writing.  I am totally helpless when it comes to teaching Rayyan to write!

5) To start on Work Time.

We do Teach Time with him and Play Time but needs to start on Work Time where he does work independently.  He has Work Time in school but not practised at home and I think we need to get that done.  I have to start off by selecting appropriate materials/worksheets for him to work with.

6)  Spend Quality Time

And last, but not least, I just want to spend quality time with him.  Talk to him, play with him, work with him.  This is the time for me to strengthen my bond with him before school reopens and my hectic, busy life begins again.  I must make full use of this precious time...

This is the season to be jolly.  Happy Holidays!!!