Monday, July 23, 2012


I'm sure there's just something that your kid does that totally gets on your nerves!

Well, in Rayyan's case, it is this particular habit of saying the first alphabet of certain words when he is upset.

Example :
Me: Rayyan, keep your toys!
Rayyan (whining sometimes crying) : Keep! K!!!

Another example :
Me : Rayyan, let's bathe!
Rayyan (again whining and sometimes crying) : Bathe!! B!!

And those situations really get on our nerves! Even though we have taught him to protest and say, "I don't want!", he will still protest in that manner!

Help!!! Arghhhh!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Racial Harmony Week

This week is Racial Harmony week and Rayyan's teacher at PCS has earlier sent us an SMS to inform us of the different activities that have been arranged for the kids.

There's different theme everyday and apparently, today's theme is Malay and the kids are encouraged to wear Malay costumes.

When I was in school, Hubby smsed me and informed me that Rayyan was very cooperative. Didn't even make a fuss when Hubby put on his Malay costume. This is a big achievement as he HATES wearing the long-sleeved costume!!

Then Hubby sent me a picture of him in his costume and a while later, another picture of him with a classmate. I couldn't help but flash my huge smile when I saw the picture!! They are soooooo cute!!!!

The teacher then told us that he's very cooperative in school today and played or tried to play Malay traditional games like sepak takraw, marbles and congkak with his classmates!!

We couldn't be more proud!! 3 cheers for Rayyan!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Ice Age 4

Yesterday, we had an awesome time watching Ice Age 4! The show is fast and exciting and Rayyan couldn't contain his excitement! He was smiling and laughing!! Of course, I still have to put my hand on his mouth whenever he gets too excited and loud!! Hehe..

The excited little boy ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Entertainer

Last Saturday, we went to check out my sis' new house and guess who's most excited? Rayyan!!!

It was a four-storey house and Rayyan was climbing up and down the stairs!! Phew!! He also couldn't wait to jump into the pool. He kept going near the pool and touched the water. He couldn't keep still!!

Towards the end, we were all gathered at the still-empty living room and guess who entertained us all? Rayyan! He was singing and dancing and had no hesitations in acceding to our requests. And he will also prompt us to clap our hands whenever he finished a song. We were all laughing at his antics!! And he was enjoying the attention!

I never thought that my baby would be an entertainer one day, that he wouldn't mind being the centre of attention. My heart was soaring that day. I thank God for blessing me with this little angel. He has taught me so much. He has taught me patience, humility, perseverance but most important of all, he has taught me the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL love. I love you so much my little angel...

Our little angel who loves to be kissed by both Mummy and Daddy at the same time :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's play!!

Rayyan just came back from playing soccer downstairs. Hehe.. Well, he doesn't know how to play but he likes to run with the boys under our block and Hubby will usually let him be. The boys also don't mind him running around them.

Anyway, after he came back, I asked him how he kicks a ball and he showed me the action. Then he tugged my hand..
Rayyan : Mummy, let's play AI football!! (referring to the soccer player figurines he has)
Me : Ok! Go and take your AI football.
Rayyan : Mummy, follow me! (requesting that I follow him to his playroom)

Then he got the player to kick the ball around and said, "I have 4 balls!" (referring to the balls that he has gathered).

Those few sentences that he said made me so happy! Way to go my boy, I am extremely proud of you! :)
His AI Football figurines. He loves to watch the show on Okto!

Positioning the player before getting the player to kick the ball :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

With difficulty comes ease...

Read this in FB.  A reminder to me....

Life's struggles are hard yet they pass, because with difficulty comes ease. Within hardships there is Allah's Mercy, nothing is ever completely miserable (although it may not seem that way at times). Trials are complicated, yet they are tools used to strengthen our souls in this life, our minds in reflection, and prep our hearts towards Allah. No matter how much we are tested, Allah always provides good and the best for those who submit with trust. Our Prophet SAW promised us that the believers who put up with the just a tiny prick of a thorn with patience would be rewarded. Moreso, Allah SWT made it clear that the believers would be tested with their lives to open up another way in affirming our faith even more in Allah and the Last Day. Calamities are not always a form of earthly punishment, sometimes they are reminders that the, Most Wise, Allah, Knows we are capable of acing a chapter quiz of life. We are never given more than what we can handle. Alhamdulilah for that, alhamdulilah for everything.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Like Mummy, like sonny!! Both Rayyan and I love eating beancurd!!

This afternoon while he was enjoying his beancurd, I asked him..

Me: Do you like to eat beancurd?
Rayyan: Yes!
Me: Why do you like to eat beancurd?
Rayyan: Because I want to eat beancurd!

See what I mean about him having difficulty answering WHY questions? So I took out his conversation cards and wrote...

And after that, he was able to answer correctly!! Yay!! But I have another task now... To teach him the meaning of DELICIOUS! *slaps forehead*


We went to Pathlight School yesterday to personally submit Rayyan's application form.

Pathlight School is a prestigious autism school here. Seriously speaking, we are not sure if Rayyan can get in but we just want to give it a shot.

We have heard that it's really difficult to get into Pathlight. You have to be independent, able to follow instructions and able to work in a group setting. Basically, you have to be in the high-functioning end.

I have always believed that my boy is smart, that with the proper structures, he can do pretty well academically. A school like Pathlight will provide those structures. But at the same time, I must also be realistic. Rayyan is super active, he has difficulty maintaining his focus and works better 1-to-1.

So we are leaving it to God now. We hope he will get a school that will allow him to develop holistically and let him reach his full potential.

Please answer our prayers, God.

We really hope you will take Rayyan in and transform his life :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Silly Faces

Rayyan hates taking photos! It is so difficult to get him to look at the camera and even more difficult to get him to smile!!!

To get a nice photo of him, we either have to joke around with him to make him smile or just be prepared with a smile plastered on our faces and snap the very moment he looks at the camera!! It is a really difficult task I tell you and so far, I am the only one who has the expertise!

But I am so thankful that with iPhone, we can actually see our own images before we snap. That is a truly wonderful invention/app!!

So sometimes, when we are bored, I will take photos using that and taught him to make silly faces, or stick out our tongues and since he can see our image, he can see what I'm doing and follow me!! And we will have fun acting silly!!!

Here's a recent collage of photos we took while Daddy was busy buying food.. Hehe... And I must say that I am always captivated by his smile. My boy has one of the most DAZZLING smiles :D

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Where is Daddy?

On our way out earlier today, Hubby had to rush back to our house to get something. The lift came and Rayyan and I went in.

While in the lift...
Rayyan : Where is Daddy?
Me: Daddy went back into the house to take something. Why don't you shout for Daddy?
Rayyan : (shouting, although it wasn't very loud) Daddy, where are you????

It is very, very rare that Rayyan asks questions and the conversation in the lift just makes me realise how much he has improved. It is a slow process but with each little improvement, each statement that he makes, each question that he asks, I am truly thankful to God.

I also realised that he was able to use IS and ARE correctly. Yup, we have used those questions before and I think he was just repeating what we said before. But still, I was really happy that he remembered!

Thank you, God for every little achievement he makes. Alhamdulillah :)


Yesterday when Hubby sent Rayyan for his Brain Gym class, Hubby told two of the mummies that we are close to that we will be watching a movie after his class.

One of the mummies approached Rayyan.
The Mummy : Rayyan, where are you going after Brain Gym?
Rayyan : Watch movie.

The Mummy : What show?
Rayyan: The Amazing Spiderman!

Just that. Two questions. Two answers. And we were beaming with pride! =)