Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Which animal?

Yesterday, while Rayyan was playing with his favourite 'zoo animals', Hubby posed some questions and asked Rayyan to choose the correct animal based on the descriptions that Hubby gave.  We know that Rayyan knows the answers but this time round, he made the effort to verbalise the names of the animals.

Way to go, Rayyan!! ;)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nursery Rhymes

This is Rayyan's current favourite book.  It contains nursery rhymes, poems and short stories and this book has helped us a lot in working on Rayyan's pronunciation and reading skills :)

I really enjoy singing and reading the stories with him.  Here are some videos of us singing together :))

Btw, he usually reads slowly and softly so you might want to turn up the volume a bit.  Enjoy ;)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Masterpieces :)

I found this hang display panel when I was at Vivo and thought that I could use this to display Rayyan's works, be it his art pieces or his worksheets.  By displaying the art pieces or worksheets, we can talk to him about it or praise him for the work that he has done.  Hopefully, this will motivate him to write and draw :)  On top of that, it looks really cool too! ;)

Some of his works :)

Examining his works :)

My little precious with his works :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Rayyan can feed himself, it is a skill that he has acquired quite some time back.  He does have difficulty with noodles at times though coz well, noodles can be quite tricky to eat ;)  But I must say that he has shown improvement with noodles too.  Here's a video of him eating one of his favourite food, mee goreng!

Generally, Rayyan likes spicy stuffs and he prefers noodles to rice.  Spaghetti or macaroni is still his all-time favourite.  And oh yes, he doesn't like us to feed him nowadays... not because he wants to be more independent but because of the fact that when we feed him, we force all the vegetables into him!  When he eats on his own, the vegetables are all pushed to one side and he gets to eat just what he likes!!!  Tsk tsk tsk

A very smart move indeed.. lol


Now that Rayyan can verbalise some of the the words he sees  (still has a lot to work on his pronunciation though), we will actually keep quiet at certain points while reading to him so that he can fill in the words.  Works wonders :)

And here is Rayyan counting 1to10 :)