Monday, December 12, 2011

Science Centre

We have been bringing Rayyan out almost everyday this holiday.  We brought him to the zoo (as usual..hehe), indoor and outdoor playgrounds, exhibitions and recently, we brought him to Science Centre.  There's a 'Dinosaurs Live' exhibition over at Science Centre where gigantic, almost-real dinosaurs are displayed.  These dinosaurs are able to move around, open their mouths wide, displaying their razor-sharp teeth and there are dinosaur sounds all around the place.  The sounds are quite scary I must say.. hehe

And because the place is dark, with scary sounds all around, Rayyan was TERRIFIED.  He asked to be carried all the time!  The good thing was, he didn't cry at all.  He held on to us tightly but his eyes were scrutinising the dinosaur.  Overall, I must say that the entry fees are too expensive for such a small exhibition ($23 for adults, $18 for children, including entrance to Science Centre) but I'm sure the exhibition gave Rayyan a whole new meaning to the word 'dinosaur'! lol

Rayyan enjoyed the Science Centre though.  Even though he didn't understand the science concepts behind each display, he had fun with the gadgets.

This is him having fun with one of the cool animations there..

At least he learnt how to activate the animations by pressing the button and stepping on the footsteps :))