Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Many parents have recommended that I give Rayyan probiotics, saying that they see improvements in their children after taking probiotics.  These improvements include better eye contact, better focus, less hyper, sleeps better at night, etc.  With all these improvements, I thought, why not?  No harm giving it a try, after all, probiotics is recommended for everybody...

In recent years, there has been growing interest in the use of probiotics as a natural way to restore the balance of friendly bacteria in the guts. This has many benefits including enhanced immunity, but also positive effects on mood and behavior. Many parents of autistic children have reported vast improvements in their children’s behavior with the use of probiotic supplements.
-Autism Nutrition

So, what kind of probiotics to give Rayyan since there are many different types and brands?  Many parents recommended those probiotics from Kirkman Labs (a very popular brand among ASD parents) but since these are difficult to get, I wanted to try something that I can find easily here first.  Went to GNC and found Multidophilus 12.  

I know some parents give this probiotics to their children and yes, their children show improvements too so I decided to read up on it a bit more before giving it to Rayyan.  I decided to give these probiotics to Rayyan during this holiday period so that I can monitor his behaviour closely.

I am really not sure if it will work on Rayyan.  We have tried GFCF before and unfortunately, it didn't work on him.  I was hoping that this will and gave him the probiotics last Saturday.  It has been 4 days and how is he so far?

I must say that his behaviour is erratic these 4 days!!!  He is more hyper than usual and he will also suddenly laugh non-stop!!  And this happens in the middle of the night too!  He has been waking up early these few nights!  He has been waking up at 2 or 3am and this is driving both my Hubby and I nuts!!  And when he wakes up, he will blabber to himself and laugh and laugh!  Goodness!  I am imagining those friendly bacteria fighting with the unfriendly bacteria in his body and wreaking havoc!

Yes, I have heard from some parents that this might happen.  That he will be out of control for maybe a week or so before everything starts to settle down.  I am praying very, very hard that's the case here!!!