Sunday, January 29, 2012

Big and Little

Rayyan reading his 'Big and Little' book.  Pronunciation has improved and we are also buying books of a higher level now for him to read.  Thank you, God!!

And to you my boy, you will always be Mummy's and Daddy's pride and joy...  Love you, baby!!

The Dragon

We would like to wish Happy New Year to all our Chinese friends.  May the dragon year be a good year for all of us, a year of progress, great happiness and pleasant surprises :))

I have been inundated with work, which explains why this blog has been 'dead' for a while.  There are so many things that I have not updated.  I realised that I have not even posted Rayyan's birthday party pics and that was like 2 months ago!  I really must do that soon because this blog serves as a chronicle, a record of the important things that happen in my dear boy's life and I want us to be able to look back and reminisce one day..

Anyway, we went on an impromptu trip to Malacca during the CNY hols.  Really impromptu because we just decided to pack up and go on the day itself!  Made the hotel bookings, packed our bags and we were on our way!!  And like many unplanned trips, of course something will go wrong... We forgot to bring our pouch containing MYR, forgot to top-up our Touch n Go card and ended up paying toll of SGD50!!  But you know what, in the end, we got back our $50 (they actually kept our money and return it to us on our way back!) and we brought home many other sweet memories :)

Rayyan thoroughly enjoyed himself... swimming in the hotel pool, playing at the indoor playground (yup, found one just opposite our hotel!), eating his fav doughnuts and experiencing his very first trishaw ride!  He enjoyed it so much that we took the trishaw twice! lol

And the good thing was, he was very well-behaved and cooperative.  I was very interested in the history of Malacca and we went to many museums and historical sites.  And I was really happy that Rayyan didn't throw a tantrum when we were at the museums, he didn't throw a tantrum when we climbed up the long flight of stairs to see the remains of St Paul's church, he didn't throw a tantrum when we visited the mausoleums.  Mummy and Daddy are so, so proud of you, darling!!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Exploring Malacca's streets

Both of us at the iconic Christ Church

My boys with the cannons at Malacca Fort

Where shall we go next??

Reading up on Malacca's history... like real only! lol

The boy who loves hotel rooms and always the first to test the bed!

Pool Time with Daddy

Another famous site.. Fort A Famosa

Old tombstones at St Paul's Church

Samudera Museum where Rayyan learnt about ships

Captain Rayyan on board!

Enjoying the gorgeous sunset

Pretending to walk on space.. haha

Rayyan's first trishaw ride!!

Having fun at the indoor playground

Me and my little Sultan :)

2nd trishaw ride!

And I shall end this post with this picture of Rayyan riding the trishaw all by himself!!!  And it actually moved ok!!  Bullock cart next!! lol