Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It's exactly 3am in the morning and I can't sleep.. I miss my baby!!  My sis is out on a short vacation to KL and I am at her place now, keeping my mum company.  My sis has been taking care of my mum all this while and she deserves this break.  

At first, my Hubby and I thought that all three of us would camp here at her place while she is away but from our past experience, we realised that Rayyan has difficulty sleeping here at night.  He just wants to play when he's here!  The fact that he has school early in the morning makes it more inconvenient so we decided that it's best that he sleeps with my Hubby at home while I stay at my sister's place to accompany my mum.

So what do I do here in the middle of the night, when sleep seems to elude me?  Well, I have been surfing the internet and found very touching videos and songs and yes, I am crying in the middle of the night watching all these video clips! 

Here's one that tugs my heartstrings..