Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Rayyan is now at a 'climbing phase'... He loves to climb up stairs, climb up chairs, up the monkey bar, etc, etc...

Just the other day, we went to Crocs and he was happily running around and then he climbed up the large seating area used by customers to try shoes and wanted to jump down from there!!! The sales people were all looking at him!

So it's good that he can climb very well but our job now is to ensure he climbs at APPROPRIATE places!

Friday, March 12, 2010

The Matching Game

Step 1 : Place two pictures on a table and give Rayyan one picture at a time for him to match.

Step 2 : Increase the number of pictures and get Rayyan to match them, one by one.

Step 3 : Place two pictures on a table and instead of giving him pictures to match, give him words instead, one at a time.

Step 4 : Increase the number of pictures and get Rayyan to match the words to the pictures, one by one.

Step 5 : Place a couple of pictures on a table and give Rayyan the whole stack of pictures to match, then the words.

He's good at the matching game :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


School is at its crazy, hectic peak and I am truly, truly exhausted.. I am finding myself spending almost 12 hours in school each day and then, continuing with school work at home! Worse, I still feel that I am short-changing my students because most of the time, I am bogged down with senseless paper work!

But of course, the saddest part is I am also short-changing my boy. There're just so many things that I want to do but simply don't have the time nor energy. And each day I feel so guilty that I told myself that I must do something about this or I will live with regret..

And finally, I made the decision to take 1 year no-pay leave next year. Financially, it will be tough.. We have to pay for Rayyan's EIPIC and therapies which can be pretty costly. I might even have to take up a few tuition assignments to get by but I am more than willing to make these sacrifices.

At least, I can be with my boy without worrying about the school admin stuffs that I did not complete, without worrying about books and assignments that I have not checked, without worrying about work at all...

And the best part is, I am feeling very, very excited about this. The fact that I can spend every minute of my waking time with Rayyan is so exhilarating! I want to read books on autism, I want to try different strategies and interventions, I want to carry out different activities with him. But most importantly, I just want to spend quality time with him and get to know him.

All these come with sacrifices and again, I know it will be tough.... But with good intentions, I am sure God will help us through...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Luv this Poem..

Found this poem on the internet.. Beautifully-written.. Teared when I read it....

You hold out your hand to me
you have that look in your eyes
I wish I could understand you
but it takes so many tries

I know that you're frustrated
you wish that you could say
everything that's bothering you
but you can't find the way

I understand why you're angry
I'd be angry too
It must be so hard
with no one to understand you.

I try to remember "simple's best"
when I talk to you
I try to keep my words short
so you don't get confused

I try to show you pictures
in case you can't find the words
no matter how you communicate
You will always be heard

I may not understand you
But you'll always have my hand
to help you and to guide you
through things you don't understand

I wish the world could see you
for who you really are
you're not your diagnosis
you're my little star...

People judge you 'cuz you're special
'cuz you have your little fits
'cuz you don't like certain textures
cuz you can't deal with it

I wonder how it makes them feel
to judge a child so young?
How can they blame your problems on you?
do they think you're like this for fun?

maybe thats the way they think
but they're just all naive
exiled by the community
they all want you to leave

they've called you names of evil
for being the way you are
they say that you're the devil
those names aren't going far

Baby, you're not evil
you're not doing anything wrong
you adjust to what you can
and we keep going on

What you are is Autistic
you're a special little boy
For God loved you so much
He gave you your own little world

The one you withdraw to
when life's getting to be too much
when you feel you need a time out
when you can't handle a certain touch

And though you're in that world
most the day and night
sometimes I see a flicker
its the real you trying to fight

Trying to come out and SEE me
trying to show you care
but don't worry about that baby
I know the real you is there

God has granted me patience
I asked for it in prayer
I look past the shell of you
I look past your lost stare

One day you will greet me
and say "mom, I've been inside...
I know you never gave up on me,
but that is no surprise...

For God has told me many times
that you would be the one,
who never gave up hope for me
and would fight until the fight was done"

Until that day comes around,
I'll be right with you
one day you'll open your eyes
to a world that is brand new...

And yes, I love you my little Rayyan....