Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Book

I made another simple book for Rayyan, this time about our holiday in Kuala Lumpur.  He loves to read the book and I'm glad he can understand a bit more about holidays now.

Our conversation two days ago..

Me : Rayyan, you want to go to KL?

Rayyan : Yes!

Me : What do you want to eat when you are in KL?

Rayyan : Koko Krunch!

Hahaha... Never mind if he actually eats Koko Krunch almost everyday at home.  I'm just happy that he more or less remembers and understands what I wrote in the book :)

And well, if you notice, even though the event has passed, I still use present tense in this book because Rayyan doesn't understand the concept of past tense yet.  If for example, I change the word 'go' to 'went', I don't think Rayyan will understand.  So present tense it will be for now.

And oh yes, Rayyan loves it when we reach the last part... The End! ;)