Sunday, August 12, 2012

Daddy's Day

I was going through my list of videos at YouTube and realised that I forgot to post one very important video here!!

I made a video for Hubby for Daddy's Day last June.  Just a simple video that captured a Daddy's love for his boy since he was born.  Glad that he loved it and almost teared!  I knew Hubby was controlling his tears because we were around and he didn't want to look too emotional.. hehe..

To the most important person in Rayyan's life..
You have really been the most awesome Daddy to our little gem.  You mean the world to us and we love you with our hearts.  Thank you so much for all the sacrifices.  Rayyan wouldn't reach this far if not because of you..

"Any man can be a Father. It takes someone special to be a Dad." - Anonymous

Oh yes, one more very important quote!

"The most important thing that a man can do for his children is to love their mother." - Theodore M. Hesburgh

Don't forget ok!! lol  We love you!

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I hate spring cleaning and I really do wish I have a helper at this point of time!!! Nevertheless, I must say that spring cleaning is a therapeutic activity because it brings you back down memory lane and you kind of reflect on past events, good and bad. The sweet memories make you smile and you feel warm inside and the bad ones, well, you just learn from it and hope it doesn't happen again.

There are a couple that I want to blog about because I want to remember these events...

First, I came across Rayyan's passport photos!! We have just renewed his old passport and will be collecting the new one soon.

The old and new passport photos remind me that he's growing against all odds. My little baby is getting bigger and bigger and it's just so difficult for me to grasp that!!!

Baby, don't grow so fast can???!!!
The photo on the left is super cute, right??  And the one on the right is a current photo of my handsome boy :)
And I just realised that the hairstyle is still the same.. Hehehe

Friday, August 10, 2012

Helping Hand

I was spring cleaning the house when I saw two photos that were given to Hubby because he helped out during a fundraising activity last year. That time Rayyan's EIPIC centre wanted parent volunteers to help design bags for its fundraising project and Hubby came forward. Glad that he finally put his drawing talent to good use. You should do this more often hor, Daddy ;))

And love the quote behind the photo too :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

We are Singapore! Singaporeaaaans!

Happy 47th Birthday, Singapore!!

Here's my patriotic boy singing with such passion!  You should be proud of him, Singapore!!! :)))

Saturday, August 4, 2012


Every year during fasting month, we have gatherings with my in-laws for breaking fast sessions. Sadly, Rayyan hates these sessions. I guess it's partly because he doesn't know them very well because he seldom sees them. Another reason is because there are so many kids during these sessions and the house is pretty cramped and he feels stifled I guess. Rayyan will usually cry during these sessions and keeps requesting to go home.

This evening we went to my sis-in-law's place for another gathering and as usual I felt pretty stressed up. Fortunately, he was ok when we showed him the schedule and told him that we are going to his Mak Ngah's (middle aunty's) house. At the lift landing, he showed some displeasure because he knew we were going to his Aunty's house but I ignored him and he just followed us up.

He also followed us into the house silently and inside, he sat quietly and watched the other children playing games on television. He also watched television quietly and when the kids started playing iPad, he approached them and watched them play, feeling excited about the game, occasionally flapping his arms but stopped when we reminded him to stop.

Then when all the children gathered to celebrate the birthday of one of his cousins, he stood quietly while photos were taken and even clapped his hands while singing the birthday song.

Even though he didn't talk to them nor play with them, I am thankful that he didn't cry or throw tantrums. I am glad that he showed respect to his aunties and uncles by kissing their hands. I am glad that he listened to us and didn't make a lot of fuss. Hopefully one day he will join them, talk to them and play with them. Insya Allah :)

Checking out the game that his cousin is playing on the iPad ;)

Rayyan and cuzzies :))

Thursday, August 2, 2012

White Tiger

National Day is just around the corner and Hubby taught Rayyan how to sing one of the famous Singapore songs. He can remember the lyrics and can sing pretty well. I am amazed at his memory. He can catch and remember what we teach him pretty fast. Will post a video of him singing the song soon ;)

Anyway, today while putting him to sleep, he started to sing the song. And what surprised us was how he changed the lyrics according to what he was doing.

He had his animal collections by the bed and was holding on to the white tiger. He sang...

We are Singapore
We are Singapore
We will stand together
Hear the WHITE TIGER roar!!

He changed the word 'lion' to 'white tiger'!! We were happy and clapped our hands.

Rayyan was happy too that we were cheering and clapping and guess what he said after that??


It's little things like these that totally make our day :))

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


It used to be difficult to dress Rayyan up.. He didn't like to wear long sleeves so it was difficult to make him wear shirts, sweaters, jackets, baju kurung, etc. Hari Raya has always been such a stressful period!!

He also didn't want to wear other types of shoes apart from his Crocs. In addition, no caps or other outfits that are different from his usual attire. He still doesn't like to wear caps now but if it's very hot and I explain to him, he's pretty ok. In fact, he has improved a lot in this dressing department!! Thank God!!

Yesterday night, on the way home, he insisted on wearing sunglasses! We relented after a while but had to guide him because we were afraid that he might fall into a drain!! Lol

Wearing sunglasses is another big NO-NO last time so we were pretty tickled. In fact, he is getting cheekier!!!

Here's the cheeky, cheeky boy!!

Walking around with shades in the middle of the night!!

My cheeky boys!!