Monday, November 21, 2011

Party I

Can't believe that my baby will be 5 in just a matter of days.  Can time stop, please????

Anyway, yesterday we had his first celebration just for family members, especially for my mum who is bed-ridden.  Just a small celebration but this lucky boy got 6 super gifts! 4 legos set, 1 playmobil and 1 huge puzzle!!  He was so excited that he didn't know which to open first and couldn't focus, his mind was everywhere! lol

I remember that last year, we were so excited because for the first time, he was able to blow his own candles!  This year, he clapped his hands, sang along with us, blew the 5 candles, sang on his own for all of us to hear and said, thank you!!!  We were so, so happy!!  

Next, will be his big party this Saturday.  We really, really hope he and his friends will have fun this Saturday :))