Monday, December 12, 2011



A trip to H&M never fails to tickle us.  We went there yesterday to spend the voucher we received for Rayyan's birthday and Rayyan got excited when he saw.... another pair of footwear!

You know what he said when he saw these shoes??  He exclaimed, "The elves and the shoemaker!" lol

This boy's world is indeed full of fairy tales and nursery rhymes.  Tell me... would you think of 'The elves and the shoemaker' when you see these shoes?  Rayyan really sees things in a different light, different perspective.  And that reminds me of an incident at the zoo last Saturday.  We were at the lion's glass enclosure and were busy observing the lion when I saw Rayyan looking closely at something walking across the glass enclosure.  It was an ant, walking across, carrying a piece of food. 

Rayyan sees the little things in life, not just the big picture... He is indeed UNIQUE.  Wouldn't the world be so boring if all of us are the same?????