Sunday, December 11, 2011


When Rayyan is in the shower, he has this habit of gargling his mouth with water and then throw back the water into the container where he sipped the water from!  At first we closed an eye to this because it comes from his own mouth after all but now, he seems kind of obsessed with it and it's a bit too much!  We have discouraged him from doing so but like I said, it has become a habit.

Moral of the story :  If he does anything undesirable, stop it IMMEDIATELY.

Anyway, since it has become a habit, when he drinks from a cup, he wants to throw it out too.  Most probably, he was recalling what he did in the shower.  He did it again after his dinner yesterday night and then wet his own t-shirt and the floor!  We were so mad that we made him clean up his own mess.  

Yes young man, you must learn to clean up your own mess!  He was crying but he still wiped the floor at the same time..

I felt like an evil stepmother....... But if this is the way to make him learn, so be it!