Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Perfect World

Today is not such a bad day.  After we sent Rayyan to school, Hubby and I managed to catch a movie.. our first in a very loooong time!  And I'm really glad we went for the movie because we really needed that break, both of us are movie lovers and it felt good to be able to catch a movie just like old times, it kind of re-energized us :)

And at home, after fetching Rayyan, both of us worked together to keep Rayyan occupied.  While Hubby played with Rayyan, I did the laundry or the cooking.  We then let Rayyan do some painting and while Hubby cleaned him up after the painting session, I cleaned up the mess.  While Hubby read the newspapers, I watched television with Rayyan.  Accompanying Rayyan to watch television is so much better than leaving him alone because we got to do the actions together.  We were watching Go, Diego Go!  and I encouraged him to clap, do the actions and sing along.  And he did!  I was so happy!

It is really great that the three of us managed to spend quality time together.  It is really great that we could take turns to keep Rayyan occupied.  It will really, really help Rayyan.  I'm sure he will show improvement if we can do this everyday.  I wish that everyday is a holiday!!  That would be simply PERFECT!

Sadly, this is not a perfect world... soon, I'll have to go back to work.  I wish I don't have to work for the money, that money would just drop from the sky... that would be another perfect world.. haha!  Ok, ok, me and my fantasies!!  I really have to make full use of my holiday while it lasts!