Sunday, October 31, 2010


Rayyan is still down with fever :(

On Saturday, his fever was consistently high (above 38C).. We gave him Paracetamol regularly but the fever persisted..

This morning we decided to pay his paediatrician at Tampines a visit but doc was on holiday! We decided to wait a while more and see how it goes. By 5, Mr Fever still refused to budge so we decided to bring him to KKH just to make sure that everything is alright.

When we were at KKH, I told the nurse of Rayyan's condition (as in he's autistic) so that she knew better how to handle him. I was pretty surprised when the nurse nodded her head and she looked like she already knew. Then I realised that they must have the records since he went for his assessment here...

Anyway, after registering, we went to the waiting area and was dismayed when we found it was packed with parents and their sick kids. We were prepared for the long wait, it might even take hours. I was glad I packed a bag of toys and books to keep Rayyan occupied. But we were pleasantly surprised when Rayyan's name was called less than ten minutes later. There were still many ahead of us who had been waiting for quite a while.

Then it occurred to me that maybe, we were called in earlier because of Rayyan's condition. I didn't ask the doctor about this but I think my prediction is correct. Why else would they let us go see the doctor first? Well, maybe they are afraid that Rayyan might go berserk in the waiting area or start throwing tantrums........ But hey, I am not complaining! Never mind what they think will happen. I am just glad we were out of there in a jiffy!!