Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun Activities

This week is a super busy week, with piles and piles of marking!!! Nevertheless, I still manage to pry myself away from those piles of scripts and do some activities with Rayyan.

Yesterday morning, I let him do some painting. Rayyan loves painting! He loves to see the different colours dancing on a piece of paper and I can see that he gets so much satisfaction every time he splashes some colours on the paper!

Next Picasso? Well, you never know ;)

Rayyan's beautiful art piece ;)

Then in the afternoon, we brought Rayyan to East Coast to make sandcastles and let him run his fingers through the sand. Rayyan was actually more interested in the tiny watering can that we brought along. Kept filling it up and pouring the water out. And he did that again and again till we hid the watering can!!

Great family bonding activities... Hopefully we'll have better luck with the sandcastles the next round ;)