Wednesday, October 6, 2010

All Wrapped Up!

If you remember my last post regarding Rayyan's haircut sessions, you will also remember that our next goal is actually for him to get wrapped with the plastic sheet while having his haircut.

Earlier, we tried doing that and we are happy that Rayyan did not throw any tantrums or wasn't shouting and crying away at all!!!! He was a bit unhappy when we first brought him to the hair salon and whined a bit but was ok after that.

When we started to wrap him with the plastic sheet, he seemed uncomfortable at first but with much coaxing and praises, he started to relax and was fine throughout the whole haircut!

We are so very proud of him! 3 cheers for Rayyan!
Hip hip hurray!!
Hip hip hurray!!
Hip hip hurray!!

Here's our boy sitting on his own and all wrapped up with the plastic sheet :D