Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oooos and Aaaaas

These days, I focus on getting Rayyan to say 'aaaaa'... Whenever he wants something, we get him to say 'aaaaa' first before giving it to him. Initially, I wanted him to say 'ma', 'pa' or other bilabial sounds but since it is really difficult for him to do so, I just get him to say 'aaaa' , which is much easier for him to do and he complies most of the time.

Recently, since he can blow, I make him say 'ooooo' and it is so cute everytime he does it! lol.. Anyway, I decided to make these sounds more meaningful by associating the two sounds to animal sounds.

I associate the sound 'aaaa' to the tiger's roar and 'oooo' to the sound of the cow. He will now make these sounds when we ask him to :D

Excellent job, Rayyan!!!!