Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life....Rayyan's fever was exceptionally high... In the morning, it was around 38C+.. I left work early to take care of him and I felt totally heartbroken when I saw him. He was so weak and didn't respond to my call... he was just sleeping and lying there looking totally helpless. It was really difficult for him to just open his eyes. Mind you, he has never been like this before. Yes, he has been sick but never weak. Usually, when he's sick, he is as active as ever.

We tried sponging him, we gave him Bifen and Paracetamol alternately but still the fever refused to budge... In fact, it got worse... His temperature went up to 39C to 40.4C.. I broke down in my husband's arms because I felt totally helpless and I couldn't bear to see him like that. Ironically, I just wanted to see him jump again! I usually get worried when he start jumping around non-stop but yesterday, I only wanted my jumping boy back!!

We then decided that we had no choice but to bring him to KKH again. We took some time before deciding to bring him there because we were afraid that he will be warded. We know that he will throw a huge fit if he gets warded. Anyway, when we reached KKH, he was immediately sent for a blood test and x-ray. We had to wait for about an hour for the test results and were told to sponge him to bring down the temperature. He was sent to an observation corner because they were afraid that he will get into fits.

After two hours, the fever still persisted. They wouldn't let us go until his fever goes down. His Bifen was due so he was given Bifen again and we were told to wait again. Rayyan was as lifeless as ever, he just wanted to sleep in our arms. Another hour went by and we were called by the doctor. Fortunately, his blood test and x-ray result was good... blood was normal and his lungs were clear... Phew! But due to his persistent high fever, the doctor wanted to get him warded to observe him.

I understood the doctor's good intentions but knowing Rayyan, he will be more distressed if he stays at the hospital. We told the doctor of his condition and asked for other alternatives. We persuaded him not to get Rayyan warded. The doctor then consulted the senior doctor who later came by and told us, alright, since his blood test and x-ray showed that everything is alright, he wouldn't get Rayyan warded but we were told to keep a close watch on him and make sure we give him his medication regularly. If his condition doesn't improve in two days, we have to bring him down again and get him warded. We were so relieved when we heard that. Rayyan must be relieved too coz his temperature came down shortly after.. Phew!

Today, Rayyan's temperature is back to normal but he is still very weak. He just wants to lie down and sleep and he has been sleeping since morning. I am still very worried about him. Oh God, please help my boy... please lessen his suffering... Please let him get better... I want my old Rayyan back....