Saturday, October 2, 2010

Intervention Cum Education (ICE) Programme- Progress Report

Rayyan has just finished his second cycle of the ICE Programme at Presbyterian Community Services. Met the teacher about a week ago to discuss his progress at the centre. I am very happy to hear that he has made commendable progress there. Indeed, I can see that he is happier and more comfortable in this centre. When he first started, he would cry or whine whenever he reached the centre but now, he would go in willingly. He is also more responsive and more aware of his surroundings.

Here's a summary of the report.

Cognitive Skills
Rayyan is able to place round, square, and triangular forms in reversed form board. He has been observed to experiment with some materials and objects. Rayyan is beginning to anticipate parts of a rhyme or song by doing the actions before the words. He is beginning to sort at least 3 different kinds of objects by size and he is also beginning to sort 10 or more objects into 2 groups. Rayyan is beginning to play adult roles with toys and beginning to imitate block trains.

Although I think he can do so much more than the 3 shapes mentioned, I am so happy to hear that he is beginning to play adult roles with toys. His teacher mentioned that he loves going to the kitchen corner and stir pots and pans. :D
I have always been very concerned with his play skills so that is wonderful progress!

Expressive Language
Rayyan is able to make at least 3 requests (through gestures) and able to greet 3 different people appropriately (through gestures). He is beginning to identify a variety of sounds by naming and pointing to the objects that produced them.

Receptive Language
Rayyan is able to look when told to look for something. He is able to point to 10 or more pictures of familiar objects and follow 5 different 1-step commands.

So happy to hear that his expressive and receptive language is getting better. And I am so glad to hear that he is friendlier towards people and don't shun away from them :D

Gross Motor Skills
Rayyan is able to walk up and kick a stationary ball. He is able to roll a ball back & forth in a game while in a sitting position. Rayyan is beginning to walk forward on the balancing beam using hands to aid his balance. He is beginning to catch a bounced ball by hugging it to his body.

Fine Motor Skills
Rayyan is able to build a 12-block tower. He is beginning to reach and turn doorknobs. He is also beginning to copy vertical and horizontal lines.

Rayyan hates WRITING! He will whine and cry whenever we present him with the writing task. Good to hear that he is copying lines in school! Yay!!

Self-Help Skills
When there is a need for toileting and when provided with toileting facilities familiar to him, Rayyan is beginning to remove socks. He is beginning to dry hands without assistance.

Even though he is able to request that he wants to go to the toilet when he's at home, he is still wearing pull-ups to school. His next goal will be to improve his toileting skills in school.

Social and Emotional Development
When provided with the appropriate stimuli or social situation, Rayyan is able to show a strong sense of self as an individual as evidenced by saying 'no' to an adult's request. He is able to exhibit signs of developing independence by having the attitude that 'I can do myself'. Rayyan is beginning to imitate another child's actions. He is beginning to engage in auto symbolic play - for example pretend to sleep, eat, or drink from a cup. Rayyan is beginning to use blocks or other objects to build simple enclosures such as pens or yards.

Really wonderful to hear that he is developing as an individual and developing independence as well. Gooo Rayyan!

I would like to thank his ICE teacher, Ms Susi and all the teachers at the centre for trying their best to help our little boy and accommodating to his learning needs. Thank you also to all the kiddos in the centre for being so tolerant and understanding. May they grow up to be empathetic citizens who understand the differences in others.

For a boy who detested being involved in a school setting, I am so elated at the progress he is making. We are so glad that he is embracing and acknowledging the fact that school is a part of his life. We are so proud of him for trying his best to adapt to this. Kudos to you baby! We are so proud of you and may you continue to make progress and conquer your fears. Amin. :D