Monday, October 15, 2012

Records (Part I)

I had this strong urge to record Rayyan's progress and areas for improvements (AFIs) yesterday. Searched my shelves for an empty book and I found this book where I actually recorded Rayyan's progress when he was younger. I had totally forgotten about the book and was angry with myself for not following-up with it!  It would have been so great to have consistent records of his progress!

Anyway, the first time I made a record was when he was 24months. That was around the time when I first found out that my boy is not like any other typical toddlers.

At 2 years old (24 months)
*doesn't respond when his name is called but responds immediately when we sing
*responds to songs by doing actions (eg wheels on the bus, itsy bitsy spider, ring around the rosies, once I saw a little bird, etc)
*difficult to maintain eye contact
*do not point at things of interest (if he wants something, he will take our hand and pulls us toward the object, if he wants to be scratched, he will take our hand and put it at the itchy area, if he wants us to open a container, he will bring the container to us and tap the container)
*loves to jump and flap arms (will usually flap when he is not able to jump, for eg, when he is seated)
*doesn't like loud noises like performances or animal shows or drilling sounds
*very attached to ears (especially his Daddy's ears, will touch when he plays with Daddy or when he's going to sleep)
*able to wave bye-bye but usually doesn't make eye contact
*likes to put things in mouth (eg toys, remote control, hands, etc)
*has started to make sounds (sounds like some sort of foreign language)
*understands certain instructions (eg lie down, take your shoes, don't climb, pass the bottle)
*likes numbers and alphabets
*likes to flip books (fast but focused)
*doesn't really like to play with toys (will fiddle with them for less than a minute, then throw them aside)
*given a phone, will place phone at his ear
*likes to play hide and seek (will look for us when we hide behind furniture or under blanket)
*knows how to play drums, shake maracas, shape sorters, throw ball through hoop
*likes to walk on tip toes
*likes to look at reflection in the mirror/glass (will do different actions)
*sometimes smiles or laughs at nothing and stares into space
*when he is scolded or instructed to stop doing something (eg putting things inside his mouth, he will throw the thing aside and 'throw' himself on the floor and whine or cry)
*doesn't like to stack blocks but will unstack blocks (pulls blocks down) that other people build
*doesn't shake or nod his head to indicate yes and no
*doesn't seem to understand what is being taught (eg shapes, parts of body, etc)
*doesn't understand feelings
*doesn't interact with children or other people (plays on his own)