Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trash Pack

Rayyan is currently crazy about these tiny collectibles that come in garbage cans called Trash Packs. He will study each character carefully and will look at the poster to find out the names of the different characters. There are a total of 100 characters in Season One alone. Yes, they are so popular that the producers decided to come up with Season 2!!!

Anyway, Rayyan has about 20 in his collection and they're not cheap ok! Every 5 tiny characters cost $12.90!! But I guess I don't mind buying them for him because he treasures his Trash Packs and will bring them wherever he goes!

Anyway, today we did some work and as a reward, I gave him a new TP character. He looked at it once and gave me the name of the character. I was pretty stunned at first. I mean, there are 100 characters. How can he remember the name??

I decided to check the poster and true enough, the name he gave was correct. I then decided to test his knowledge on the other characters. I covered the names and asked him to give me the names of the other characters.

You know what, he has memorized ALL 100 characters!! The thing is, I didn't even go through the characters with him. He read them all on his own! I was amazed!!! Indeed, even though he is weak and need to work on many areas, God gives him strength in other areas. Thank you so, so much, God!

Now, how can I make full use of this strength??? I really want to stretch him further and see how I can maximize this potential...