Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Looooooong Absence

When I logged into this blog of mine, I realised that it has been SIX months since I updated this blog.. SIX long months!  That is like half a year!!  The longest time that I go 'missing'!  I must admit that I miss blogging, I miss writing about Rayyan's progress.. Gosh, six long months and so much has happened!  Now I feel guilty coz the many things that have happened have not been recorded and I might just forget the important milestones.

And if you are curious, the very reason why I go missing for so long is the fact that I am now preggy with my second one!  Yes, I am in my third trimester now and we are all excited for the little one to make her presence into our world, including Rayyan (I hope!).  And yes, it's a 'her'!!  How much more exciting can that be?!

Anyway, this pregnancy is not as easy as Rayyan's during the first trimester.  I suffered vomitting bouts and just wanted to sleep and do nothing else!  I was so glad my first trimester was during the school holidays so it didn't really affect my work.  And as my tummy grows, we talk to Rayyan about it.  I told him that there's a baby in my tummy and during the early stage, everytime I asked him if he wanted a baby sister or baby brother, he replied 'baby brother' every single time!  So much so that I myself believed that I must be carrying a baby boy!

But when we found out that it's a girl, we told him about his baby sister and he will always come kiss my tummy whenever I ask him to kiss baby sister.  He knows that there is a baby sister in my tummy but I don't think he realises that the baby sister will be coming out soon!  I really, really hope that he will be loving towards his baby sister and accept her into our lives willingly and happily.  Every single day, I pray that both of them will have a loving and caring relationship, that both of them will look out for one another...

It took Hubby and I six long years before deciding to have a baby again.  We talked at length about having another baby, we raised our concerns and fears, we contemplated for so long before telling each other, "Let's do it!".  If we do not have a son with autism, this decision wouldn't be so hard to make, in fact, it will only be natural to have another baby.  Please don't get us wrong, we love Rayyan with all our hearts and we accept his condition.  But can we handle another child with autism?  Can we handle the heartaches, the worries?  Now that we have a child with autism, we know what to look out for, we know the interventions and therapies that we have to go for.  But can we cope financially?  Interventions and therapies cost a lot of money and already as it is, we are surviving on one income.  Can we really cope with two children with autism?

We have endless concerns and worries but at the end of the day, we told ourselves... we just have to leave everything to God.  There is nothing else that we can do.  If God wants to bless us with another child with autism, then we just have to be strong and brace ourselves.  We have to do our utmost to help the child and we will love the child no less...  We leave everything in your hands God...  And God, thank you for this miracle, my baby girl... And yes, thank you also for my other miracle, my baby boy, Rayyan :)