Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jumping Room

We call Rayyan's 'therapy' room Jumping Room.  Here, we have a crash bag, gym ball, trampoline, large tube and harness and therapy hammock.  Some parents have been asking me where I got the items from.

Here's the link (I have also included this website in my main 'links' list :

BackCare Resources Pte Ltd

This company is owned by a very kind man, Mr Richard Wong, who is very helpful and accommodating.  Do give him a call if you need to enquire anything.

Here's the full address and phone number :
BackCare Resources Pte Ltd
18 Kaki Bukit Rd 3
Entrepreneur Business Centre
Singapore 415978
Tel : 67496509

And some of you enquired about the cost too.  Well, here's what I paid for the items.

Therapy hammock $95
Cushion for the hammock $30
Tube and harness $110
Large crash bag $120
Strings and plates (the hooks which had to be drilled) $47

Please note that I bought these items almost 2 years ago so the prices might differ.  Also, I bought the trampoline and gym ball separately from a fitness store.

Here are some pictures of Rayyan's Jumping Room.  He loves it too much that we have to restrict the time he spends there!!

The tube, crash bag, trampoline and gym ball

Swinging good time!  
I used to worry endlessly that he will fall or knock against the wall but he's so good at it that I don't worry anymore now..

He loves his tube!!!

Rayyan and Irfan having fun in the hammock :)