Sunday, October 14, 2012

Brain Gym

It has been a few months since Rayyan attended Brain Gym. He goes there about 3 Saturdays per month and there's also a monthly one hour one-to-one session.

There are about 15 children per session and these children are taught to do various movements which are believed to be good for the brain. The children are also sometimes brought to the park, beach or a nature reserve to do some hiking or they are taught to climb, swing, balance on a log and many other movements. These movements, coupled with opportunities to interact and play with other children, will help the brain to grow.

The improvements that Rayyan made after attending Brain Gym are that his movements are more co-ordinated especially in terms of climbing and balancing. The trainers also informed us that he can follow instructions very well now :)

We are very, very thankful for all these improvements though I do note that he still doesn't interact and play with the other children. He is also still very hyper, jumping or running around the place.

I do hope that Rayyan will show more improvements, especially in terms of interaction and focus. Amin. If you are interested to find out more, you can go to this website..

Brain Gym

Here are photos of Rayyan's little escapades ;)
Btw, I wasn't the one who took the photos. The trainers will actually take photos and videos and send them to us..

Look who's leading the way ;)

Climbing and climbing...

It's all about balance :)

More climbing :D