Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Henderson Waves

We decided to check out Henderson Waves last weekend. I really do prefer to go for outdoor activities compared to shopping centres as Rayyan will get too excited and spend hours at the toy store!

Anyway, the place is nice, the view especially. Rayyan seemed very happy too especially when he spotted a sign warning us that monkeys are spotted around the area! He was definitely hoping to see the monkeys!

We enjoyed ourselves.. the view was gorgeous, we managed to see the sunset and we even had a small picnic. On the way back, while we were walking and enjoying the view, Rayyan came up to me and said, "Mummy, I want you to carry me because I want to see jungle!"

There was this small forest under the bridge and I think he was hoping to find the elusive monkeys there!

But you know what is so special about that request? It was his longest sentence ever! Usually when he makes a request for us to carry him, we would ask him why. This time round, he combined both sentences together without prompting. I was really, really happy. Thank you, God :))