Sunday, September 30, 2012

Here I come!!!!

Gosh, it has been more than a month since I updated this blog!!! The good news is that it's now term 4 and final year exams will start this week. After that, it's going to be post exam activities and then the hols!!! Woohoo!! Can't wait to spend more time with my boys! Hopefully I get to update this blog more regularly too!

Anyway, yesterday night, Rayyan couldn't sleep as he napped for 3 hours in the afternoon. So we decided to play some games and one of the games was hide and seek.

Rayyan still needs help when it comes to hiding as he gets really, really excited and would shout or go find the seeker before he's found!!

But he can seek pretty well and can also count quietly at a corner. He would go... "1,2...10!! Ready or not, here I come!!" lol

And here's our boy counting before seeking his Daddy. And yes, he would also sometimes cheat and peek through his fingers!! Hahaha