Sunday, October 30, 2011


Yesterday, we brought Rayyan for a walk around Orchard and I must say that he was very well-behaved :)

When I asked him to salam (show respect by kissing the hands) of my friends, he did without complaining, he even hugged my friend's son when I asked him to ;))  He listened to my instructions, did not run around and even helped me to throw a used plastic cup in the bin.  I was so proud of him!

But the most amusing part was when we brought him to H&M.  We went to the kid's section and the first thing he saw were BOOTS!  And he became super, super excited!  I knew that it was because he loves Boots in Dora the Explorer!

He was holding and hugging the boots and shouting, "My Boots!  My Boots!  I want Boots!"  It was so funny and really, really cute!  My friends were all laughing!  Hubby then let him try the boots and he was really excited, walked around and kept touching the boots, still exclaiming, "I want Boots!  My Boots!  My Boots!" Hahahahaha!