Monday, October 3, 2011


Rayyan can say daddy with da 'D' sound!!!! hahaha!!!

This is the exact text message I received from Hubby this morning.  What can I say... thank you, God!!!!!  I can imagine Hubby's happiness when he first heard Rayyan calling him so beautifully.  Before this, he would call his Daddy.. 'Ae-i'... without the 'd' as he can't make that sound yet.

And when I called just now and heard him say DADDY, I was so happy and proud! May you continue to show improvement darling, no matter how small.  Mummy and Daddy are so, so proud of you and we love you so much!!!! And to my boys, may the beautiful bond between both of you last forever. 

Btw, this is how they are every morning... Even though Rayyan has his own bed, he will make his way next to his Daddy every morning :)))