Sunday, October 2, 2011


Rayyan's reading skill has improved. Before, we would read most of the words in a sentence for him and made him read certain words. Now, we would encourage him to read the whole sentence on his own. My sister just gave me a whole collection of books by Scroll Inc. It comes in a box which also acts as a display shelf. Cool! Thank you, sis!

What I like about the books is that there are different types of levels and since Rayyan is at the very first stage, which is the 'Emergent' stage, the books are simple and the words are repeated so that it is easier for him to identify the words.

Here is Rayyan reading the book 'My Puppy'. Pronunciation still not very clear but great attempt! Way to go my boy!

PS: My voice in the video is very loud because the phone is near me, not because I was shouting! Sorry about that folks!