Monday, October 24, 2011


Rayyan talks a lot now... unfortunately, due to his weak pronunciation, it is always very difficult to understand what he says. Also, most times, he talks to himself and not to us.. he just likes to blabber on and on. I really wish that he will communicate with us rather than blabber to himself but I keep telling myself that this is so much better than him not speaking or him just saying.. ke ke ke or ge ge ge (something that he used to do) or just shouting away. At least now he is saying proper words! So now, when he starts blabbering, we try to understand what he says and try to get into a conversation with him. We definitely need lots of patience!

Anyway, Rayyan woke up at about 4+ in the morning last few days... When this happens, we usually let him be on his own because we are usually too tired and also, we don't want to 'entertain' or play with him because we don't want him to think that this can be done on a daily basis! So, there he was tossing and turning on his bed and as usual, he was blabbering... I listened hard and realised that all the blabbering was actually him recalling or reciting his alphabets, numbers, story books that he read or shows that he watched! Bits and pieces here and there all mashed up together! There must be 1001 things in his mind!

Nevertheless, I am glad that he can generalise what he sees or read.  Just the other day, we were walking around Airport Terminal 2 and he saw this in front of a restaurant...

And he suddenly said... BAMBOOOO!!  Hubby and I didn't even realise there were bamboos there!  Hahaha..  I then asked him, "Rayyan, what animal eats bamboos?"

His reply, "PANDA-DA!!"

This must come from the books that he read and I am really happy that he was able to apply what he read or learnt :)

Well done, darling!!