Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Animal Expert :)

Today we brought Rayyan to his most favourite place in the world for the umpteenth time... the Zoo! hehe..  Our dear boy was all excited when we told him that we would be bringing him to the zoo.  Unluckily, the zoo ground was wet due to the rain and Rayyan refused to walk!  He would tiptoe when we forced him to walk and requested that we carry him.  Luckily we brought his stroller along!

Nevertheless, this little avid animal lover knows his animals!  He was able to name most of the animals and when we were at the Fragile Forest and we saw a little animal hiding behind the bushes.. he said, "MOUSEDEER!" and it was indeed a mousedeer :)

Then while we were walking, we saw this animal..

Hubby and I weren''t really sure what the animal was.  I thought it was a llama but we were not so sure so we decided to ask our little animal expert... 

He took one look at it and said, "LLAMA!"

And he was right!  Rayyan has so many animal books at home and knows many different types of animals.  Maybe he can work in the zoo or safari one day :))

Here are two videos of him naming the animals in his book....