Sunday, January 16, 2011


Rayyan really, really loves to swim... Whenever he sees a pool, he wants to get in immediately and it's very difficult to get him out!!

He's a natural and he loves to be in the deep water in his float, where he gets to kick around..... No baby or kiddy pool for him...hehe

I remember an incident last Dec when we were at the Sentosa Villa.. When he saw the pool, he wanted to get in and kept pulling Hubby's hand. Hubby then placed him in his float and then Hubby went to get changed. I wasn't dressed for swimming so Rayyan was all by himself in the pool... The pool was about 1.2m so you can imagine how worried I was! I was so afraid that he would just slip out of his float and get himself submerged into the water! Kept shouting at Rayyan to be careful and kept shouting at Hubby to get changed quickly!! lol

So there I was shouting away like a paranoid mum and there was Rayyan... happily kicking away, full of confidence, looking like a real pro.. oblivious to the fact that I was shouting away!! haha.. Hubby then scolded me for being too paranoid.. Hey, what if he really accidentally slipped out of his float??????!!

Anyway, the next week when we were at Malaysia, I had more confidence in Rayyan when he was at the pool (of coz the Daddy must be within a safe distance..hehe).. In fact, everybody was praising him for looking like a real 'pro' in the water...kicking in the water with his float to get here and there... I was super proud of him!!!

So Hubby and I plan to enrol him in a swimming class one day... If anybody has contacts of a swimming instructor who can teach ASD kids, please let me know :)

Here's a video of our water boy at the Sentosa Villa ;))