Monday, January 24, 2011

Special Bond

Now that Hubby is taking care of Rayyan full-time, I see a much stronger bond between them. Not many fathers enjoy such a special bond with their sons and I am glad Hubby appreciates every minute he spends with Rayyan. I see that Hubby is now more confident in taking care of Rayyan and he is trying very, very hard indeed. As for Rayyan, I know that deep down, he appreciates every single thing that his Daddy does.... They are inseparable, I tell you and I must admit that I am jealous at times. But oh well, these are the sacrifices that we have to make... I am just so glad that Rayyan has somebody that he can count on every single minute of the day :)

So this entry is especially for the two special boys in my life.. I am so grateful to God for blessing me with both of you... May the special bond that both of you share lasts a lifetime.. I love you Daddy.. I love you Rayyan..


Always ready to help the son..

Trying to figure out what is making Rayyan so engrossed...

Joins in...

The inseparable pair... And I love both of them sooooo much..