Monday, January 3, 2011

On top of the world :)

First of all, Happy New Year everybody!! May 2011 brings great health, wealth and abundant happiness and love! And may 2011 also brings significant milestones and improvements for our kiddos ;))

I seldom make resolutions because they are usually the same every year.. hehe.. but there are 3 important things that my husband and I want to take note of this year...

First of all, to make conscious, consistent efforts in helping Rayyan. I must admit that I can get side-tracked at times, especially when things get too busy at work or when I am too involved in other personal stuffs. I must make the conscious effort to stop spending time or at least reduce the number of hours spent on things that are insignificant... like watching tv or surfing the net...

Second, my husband and I must make the conscious effort to take care of our health. We need to be healthy and we need the energy to take care of Rayyan. So we must watch our diet and exercise regularly.

Third, we need to save money for Rayyan. Our savings is almost entirely wiped out because we need to fork out quite a sum every month for Rayyan's therapy, school fees and diet. We realised that we must make a conscious effort to set aside some money every month for Rayyan's future.. it might be for his education, for him to buy a house or for him to start a business if he can't find a job...anything for Rayyan... With Hubby not working anymore, it's not going to be easy but we will try our best..

I really, really hope that we can achieve our goals for 2011. The road ahead is not going to be easy but with determination and perseverence, we can do it!! Jia You!!!

And let me share with you how we spent the first two days of 2011... We spent the first two days on top of the world... and we are referring to Marina Bay Sands! With the superb, gorgeous view, you will really feel like you are on top of the world!!! lol

Actually, my sis got a room there so we went and took the opportunity to enjoy the facilities there as well :))

Here's Rayyan enjoying the fantastic view from the 46th floor of MBS :))

Me and my darling.. I was so happy he made the conscious effort to SMILE :))

Yay!! We made it to MBS!! :D

The gorgeous, gorgeous view from the rooftop..

All set to swim!! Peace!! And how did I get him to do the 'peace' sign?
By telling him to show us the number 2!! :D

Father and son at the Infinity Pool.. Totally PRICELESS :)

The three of us marvelling at the view from the edge..

Me having fun with Rayyan... with the city skyline as our backdrop ;))


Relaxing at the jacuzzi :)

It felt really, really good to be this high..

We're all geared up for 2011!! TOGETHER, we can!!!