Monday, January 3, 2011

First Day of School

Today is Rayyan's first day of school and I felt the jitters since I woke up in the morning!! I was feeling so anxious! I was afraid that he would cry the whole day, I was afraid that he would be very uncooperative, I was afraid that he would just give everybody a difficult time!! I kept praying in my heart that everything would go smoothly..

And yes, another thing, I was afraid he wouldn't want to put on his uniform!! When we sent him to a childcare centre when he was 2+, he hated to wear the uniform! He would cry and shout at the top of his lungs every time we made him wear the uniform that in the end, we let him go in his home clothes everyday!!

When we first bought him the uniform from PCS, we were afraid that the same thing would happen. And we were right!! When we got home and put the uniform on him, he started wailing!! (Btw, sorry Ms Lina, didn't have the opportunity to show you a pic of him in uniform in advance!)

So what happened this morning? He didn't even cry when we put the uniform on him!! This boy is really puzzling us I tell you!! We thought it was the material that put him off but since he didn't cry this morning, it can't be the material right? Perhaps it's just something that he's not familiar with and he doesn't like to put on something that is so unfamiliar? Actually this is true but with uniforms, he is super, super sensitive!! We'll see how tomorrow goes...

Anyway, his Daddy sent him this morning because he would usually cry when either one of us sends him and if the both of us sent him, it would be worse!! And since Daddy is going to send him everyday from now onwards, we wanted him to get used to it too... So you can imagine how anxious I was at home.. Kept messaging Hubby and asking for updates!

Hubby told me that he cried when he reached the school, wasn't too happy when he realised that the clothes he was wearing was the same as everybody else and wouldn't let Hubby go! But Hubby handed him over to the teacher and left immediately. Ms Lina later told us that he cried for a while but after that he was alright.

Hubby actually waited at the opposite block and at one time, told me that he saw the children walking around the block... Ms Lina was holding one of his hands and another girl was holding the other. Rayyan was walking around quietly with the girls by his side and Hubby said he looked really cute! How I wish I was there to witness that!

When Hubby picked him up, he asked Ms Lina about Rayyan's behaviour and she informed Hubby that he was alright throughout.... there were two glitches though... First, he didn't want to keep the toys and second, he didn't want to eat during mealtime...

The first glitch, well, we must work on that... and the second one, we couldn't figure out why he wouldn't eat.. maybe he was too overwhelmed.. We'll see how he behaves the next couple of days..

So, all in all... We are really happy with his performance on his first day of school :D

Well done, Rayyan and thank you soooo much Ms Lina for guiding him!!!! And yes, when he came out, we made sure we gave him a huge hug and loads of praises!!!!! I even bought him his favourite drink :))

Rayyan's school bag and bottle...
I pasted huge labels so that it's easy for him to find his stuffs :)

Rayyan in his uniform!
I was beaming with pride and joy when I saw him in his uniform!! :D

The reward for doing so well!! Gooooo Rayyan!!