Sunday, January 30, 2011


It has been almost 2 months since Rayyan started his speech therapy. He attends ST twice a week and we have to ensure that follow-up is done regularly.. We have to do facial massages, get him to blow different instruments, suck different straws, chew different tubes and get him to practice different sounds.

So how is he progressing so far? We have come to realise that speech (or rather, sounds) doesn't come easily to him. He has great difficulty connecting sounds he hear and sounds that he produce. It takes days and even weeks for him to master a single sound. Sometimes when he has mastered a sound and moves on the next one, he forgets the earlier sound!

So we have to really learn to be patient. We tell ourselves not to expect miracles and just guide him along. If he forgets a sound that he has learnt then we have to go back and start again. Just guide and spur him on. Don't expect miracles and don't ever give up, even if the journey is long and arduous.

And you know what, he has learnt to say 'mmmaaaa'!! Yay!!! It feels really, really good when he looks at me and call 'mmmmaaaa'!!! Only thing is...... that is the only word that he has mastered so everything is 'mmaaa' to him now... hehe.. But it's ok, we will never give up and hope that he will master more words!!! You go, Rayyan!!!

And here's the 'mmmaaa' journey.. a long one but so worthwhile nonetheless :))

This one was taken in early November last year when I wanted him to produce the sound 'mmm'.. I was getting frustrated then and just didn't understand why it was so difficult for him to produce the sound. Now, everytime I look at this video, I remind myself to be patient and not get frustrated so easily!!

This was taken a month ago... he just started ST and has learnt a few sounds... I had to print my pictures and he has to say 'ma'... He can say 'mmm' and 'aaa' separately but had difficulty combining the sounds.

This is Rayyan now... saying 'ma' so effortlessly!!! Go Rayyan, go!!!!!