Sunday, November 14, 2010


I am currently building up resources for PECS. I have been informed that I need to do it consistently and persistently for it to be effective so I have decided to start in Dec when I don't have to report to school.

These are the stuffs that I have..

The really thick manual. I didn't buy this... it belongs to my sister who is an early childhood educator....

The PECS file. A relative went to USA recently and I asked him to get this for me. This is sold at Pathlight Mall also but it is always out of stock. You can place an order though.

These cards are sold at Pathlight Mall too. But the cards are not sufficient. Now I need to take pictures of those stuffs that are not available..

Btw, if you are interested in attending any training sessions at ARC, just check out the workshops available at the following website..

Ms Russell from ARC has mentioned that there'll be many more interesting workshops next year and I can't wait to sign up for them. For your info, if your child has been diagnosed or seen by a doctor and you have been referred to Centre of Enabled Living (CEL), you are actually entitled to Caregiver Training Grant of $200 yearly and this grant can be used for different types of trainings. I didn't have to fork out any money for the recent workshop I attended :))