Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Rayyan!!!!!

Yes, Rayyan turned 4 last Wednesday!! Although we are still worried about his development, especially his speech, I want to take this opportunity to celebrate his achievements this past year, no matter how small...

* He is now toilet-trained - Although he still wears diapers outside, he can request to go to the toilet when he is at home!!

* He is now more independent - Can take off and wear his shoes independently, eats and drinks on his own, can even pour water into his own cup!!

* He can nod and shake his head - He can tell us what he wants and doesn't want and this equates to lesser tantrums!!

* His areas of interest has widened - He not only like animals now but also vehicles and lately, toolbox!!

* He is venturing into 'pretend play' - Yesterday, I saw him took a pizza (toy) and pretended to eat. When I asked him to 'feed' me, he pretended to feed me too! :))

* He can imitate some sounds - He can now imitate sounds like 'oooh' and 'aaah'!

* He can blow - I didn't realise that blowing is so important!! And I am glad that he can finally blow out his candles!!!

So darling, happy, happy birthday!! May you be blessed with good health and continue to show improvements. We love you so, so much!!!!!

And here's a video of Rayyan blowing out his candle! Actually, we had to sing and let him blow his candle for a second time because I was so excited that I forgot to take a video the first round!!!! Which is why he was kind of puzzled and wondering why we were singing again! hahahaha.. And mind you, my whole family was there and there were more than 20 people so it was really great that he didn't get overwhelmed and cry!!!