Saturday, November 6, 2010

Jumpin' Boy is Back!!

Yes, my jumpin' boy is back!! Still suffering from cough but other than that, he is his normal self! Yay!

And since he has been kept indoors for almost a week, we decided to bring him out. Went to Airport Terminal 3 for breakfast and we let him run around the huge terminal. He was so happy, kept flashing that sweet smile of his :D

Thank you, God!!!

Oh, how I miss that beautiful smile! :)

Doing his bit for society :)

Having fun at the mini playground which looks too small for him now!

His fav arcade game... Animal Kaiser!!

He's riding a motorcycle! Looks like a pro, huh?? ;)

Riding with Daddy

Rayyan can drive too.. hehe

Rayyan jamming away!! Woohoo!