Thursday, July 19, 2012

Racial Harmony Week

This week is Racial Harmony week and Rayyan's teacher at PCS has earlier sent us an SMS to inform us of the different activities that have been arranged for the kids.

There's different theme everyday and apparently, today's theme is Malay and the kids are encouraged to wear Malay costumes.

When I was in school, Hubby smsed me and informed me that Rayyan was very cooperative. Didn't even make a fuss when Hubby put on his Malay costume. This is a big achievement as he HATES wearing the long-sleeved costume!!

Then Hubby sent me a picture of him in his costume and a while later, another picture of him with a classmate. I couldn't help but flash my huge smile when I saw the picture!! They are soooooo cute!!!!

The teacher then told us that he's very cooperative in school today and played or tried to play Malay traditional games like sepak takraw, marbles and congkak with his classmates!!

We couldn't be more proud!! 3 cheers for Rayyan!!