Monday, July 2, 2012

Silly Faces

Rayyan hates taking photos! It is so difficult to get him to look at the camera and even more difficult to get him to smile!!!

To get a nice photo of him, we either have to joke around with him to make him smile or just be prepared with a smile plastered on our faces and snap the very moment he looks at the camera!! It is a really difficult task I tell you and so far, I am the only one who has the expertise!

But I am so thankful that with iPhone, we can actually see our own images before we snap. That is a truly wonderful invention/app!!

So sometimes, when we are bored, I will take photos using that and taught him to make silly faces, or stick out our tongues and since he can see our image, he can see what I'm doing and follow me!! And we will have fun acting silly!!!

Here's a recent collage of photos we took while Daddy was busy buying food.. Hehe... And I must say that I am always captivated by his smile. My boy has one of the most DAZZLING smiles :D