Monday, July 9, 2012

Let's play!!

Rayyan just came back from playing soccer downstairs. Hehe.. Well, he doesn't know how to play but he likes to run with the boys under our block and Hubby will usually let him be. The boys also don't mind him running around them.

Anyway, after he came back, I asked him how he kicks a ball and he showed me the action. Then he tugged my hand..
Rayyan : Mummy, let's play AI football!! (referring to the soccer player figurines he has)
Me : Ok! Go and take your AI football.
Rayyan : Mummy, follow me! (requesting that I follow him to his playroom)

Then he got the player to kick the ball around and said, "I have 4 balls!" (referring to the balls that he has gathered).

Those few sentences that he said made me so happy! Way to go my boy, I am extremely proud of you! :)
His AI Football figurines. He loves to watch the show on Okto!

Positioning the player before getting the player to kick the ball :)