Sunday, May 16, 2010


Like most ASD kids, Rayyan simply HATES going for a haircut. Maybe it's the sound of the shaver, maybe it's the shock of seeing strands of his hair being snipped off, maybe he doesn't like the hairdresser... I don't know the reason but each trip to the hair salon is a depressing one.. He will cry, scream and has to be held down by Daddy. He will then try his best to wriggle out of Daddy's grip. Once, he cried so bad, he vomited!

But we still have to make regular trips there because once his hair is long, he will keep on scratching his head. And it doesn't help that his hair is so thick and grows so fast!

But we are so happy that the past two haircut sessions had been really pleasant... The earlier one, in March, he whined and cried a bit, then he was quiet throughout the session. Daddy still had to sit with him though...

The latest one, two days ago, he sat by himself and didn't cry AT ALL!!! We were so proud of him! Three cheers for Rayyan!

Let's see if we can cover him with the plastic sheet for his next haircut session. He hates it but we will try. That will be our next haircut goal!

Good job, Rayyan!!