Sunday, May 2, 2010

Universal Studios

We brought Rayyan to Hard Rock Hotel and Universal Studios yesterday. As usual, he had a jolly good time at the pool and simply loved playing in the room. When we made our way to Universal Studios, it was scorching hot! And, it stayed that way the whole day!

Initially, I was worried of so many things..

Is the weather too hot for him?
Will he fall sick in this weather?
Will he throw tantrums?
Will he be too afraid of the shows?
Will he take the rides?
Most importantly, will he enjoy himself?

Later, I realised I worried too much.. Yes, it was super duper hot.. Yes, Rayyan was red and perspiring all over.. Yes, the music can be too loud at times.. But dear Rayyan was enjoying himself!

He didn't throw tantrums... He asked to be carried at times, he was afraid of some characters and didn't want to take pictures with them, he whined a bit here and there but generally, very well-behaved. We even managed to watch a 4D show and a live performance at WaterWorld where there were lots of loud gunshots and explosions! He was afraid at times but didn't cry!! What I did was I just placed my hand over his chest and kept reassuring him. And he was alright. In fact, he enjoyed himself so much that he stayed awake throughout the day! He only slept on the way back at about 7 and woke up this morning at 6. Good job, Rayyan!

And through this trip, I learnt that at times, I just have to let myself loose, relax and just go with the flow ;)

Jumping around with Rayyan in the room!

Rayyan checking out the place..

Mr Cool....yeah

Intrigued by Marilyn?!


Rayyan afraid of the hyperactive penguins!


Towards the end, he was even 'performing' on stage! lol
We love ya, baby!