Monday, May 2, 2011


I've read that some ASD kids do not like to go out for fear of the unknown outside their usual parameters. That is so not true for Rayyan! This boy wants to go everywhere, anywhere! Whenever we go out, he will whine or cry the minute he realises that we are on our way home! So bringing him out is definitely not an issue, it's bringing him home that is causing us a headache!

And now that he is 4+ years old, people are starting to look at him when he jumps incessantly or when he starts blabbering incoherently. I think that they must either think that he is such an incorrigible child, one who behaves horribly, or that something is wrong with him because at this age, he is still not speaking properly.

We are very aware of the curious stares we get at times but I keep telling myself that I must 'thicken' my face. Let them stare! Like any other person on this planet, my son deserves to go out and see the world. And these experiences outside are important because he needs to be aware of what's happening around him.

So I will not stop bringing him out. I will not confine him to his house just because he is different from others. I will bring him to the shopping centres, restaurants, parks, shops, supermarkets... anywhere! And yes, speaking of supermarkets... we just brought him out to the supermarket earlier today. Rayyan loves going to the fruits and vegetables sections! So while we were there, we took the opportunity to teach and ask him about the fruits and vegetables.

Rayyan had a jolly good time at the supermarket! Only one thing though, he was so excited with the texture of the tomatoes that he wanted to squash them!!!