Saturday, May 14, 2011


Rayyan is coping well in school.  Sometimes, he does throw tantrums and doesn't want to go to school (well, even NT kids face this problem!) but generally, he is cooperative.  

Same for school, sometimes he is not focused and not cooperative but generally, he is faring pretty well.  We have actually stressed to the teachers right from the start that we are not concerned about academics, we just want him to be around peers his age and socialise with them.  So, as long as he is able to mix well with peers and able to follow basic instructions, we are happy.

We must thank the teachers for accepting him and guiding him.  Especially to Teacher Lina, his fav teacher, thanks for all the photos that you have taken!

Here are some photos of Rayyan in school.  I was bursting with pride and truly happy when I first saw these photos.  Keep them coming, Teacher Lina! Hehehe :))

Rayyan having his meal with his peers :)

Another makan session.  He usually eats two bowls of rice/porridge!!!

This session was about family.  Rayyan was trying to identify his family members :)

Learning journey to the Singapore Philatelic Museum to learn more about stamps.  I don't think he understood what he saw but like I said, the most important thing is for him to be around his peers :)

With Teacher Susi... Teacher Susi must be explaining to him about the vehicles on the road :)

At the museum :)

The special stamp! :)

Rayyan's fav teacher, Teacher Lina!

Back in school.... have to keep toys... I can imagine his unhappiness coz he's like this at home too!!

Not happy but he still keeps his toys :)

Holding his peer's hand!!!  Not easy to get him to do this ok!! :)

I wonder what they're looking at... so cute!!!! :)))