Monday, May 9, 2011


Now that Hubby is taking care of Rayyan full-time, he mixes with the mummies at AAS, something which I strongly encourage because it is good for him to be in somewhat a support group and he can definitely learn from these mummies.  I am just so glad that Hubby is an easy-going, patient man and not one of those chauvinistic men with huge egos... well, I guess if he is, he wouldn't want to take care of Rayyan full-time in the first place... so salute to Hubby! :)

Anyway, we have gone out with these mummies on several occasions and I am just amazed with their drive and tenacity.  They are the kind who would go all out to help their sons.  In fact, their sons are very high-functioning.  I had the opportunity to speak to one of them whose son had just gone for his IQ test and scored above average for his non-verbal skills.  He is verbal, speaks very well, has great imagination and great play skills too.  The mum told me that a year ago, he was non-verbal and was in his own world most of the time.  I asked the mum what she did and she told me that she simply....TALK!

Well, she is indeed quite talkative and animated I must say... She told me that she talks a lot to her son, she just keeps on talking even though she is not sure if the son understands at times.  And she will always make reference to the surroundings... for example... she will tell the son about the clothes she's wearing, about her hair, about how short or tall somebody is..... just anything about the surroundings to make the son more aware of things or people around him.   And she said that one day, her son began to pick up what she had been saying, started talking and has been talking non-stop!  In fact, she told me that she is not sure what his issues are now because he seems to be just like any other normal kid!

So yes, the power of... TALK!  I do talk to Rayyan too, not as much as I want to but at every opportunity I have.  The conversation that I had with the mummy earlier spurred me to talk more to Rayyan and I have been pushing Hubby to do the same... hehehe..

But then, I must also be realistic and understand Rayyan's limitations.  Speech doesn't come easily to him.  Some people told me that when these kids start talking, it will come naturally and all other words will start pouring in after that... I must say that I have stopped believing in that.  Speech is definitely not easy for Rayyan.  Each sound has to be taught explicitly to him, each SINGLE sound.  Sometimes when he has mastered a sound, he forgets another and we have to teach him how to produce that sound again.  It's a tedious and arduous process but I must give credit to Rayyan for trying so hard.

He really is trying very, very hard.  I suddenly remembered something that happened last week...  Rayyan woke up in the middle of the night and he couldn't sleep after that... He was tossing and turning and then I heard him said the words that Daddy had been teaching him earlier that day... He went.."".  My heart went out to him when I heard those words... Was he practicing in the middle of the night??  Was he trying his best to recall what was taught???  God, please, please help my son...

And you, my son, are doing very well.  Don't you ever give up coz Mummy and Daddy will never give up on you!!!  We love you!!