Sunday, February 6, 2011

Haircut & Bicycle :)

We are very happy and very proud of Rayyan today ;)

First, Rayyan had a fuss-free haircut!!! Hooray!! The 'First-Then' card worked wonders!! We prepared him for the haircut by telling him in the car that we are going for the haircut and that he shouldn't cry because he is already a big boy. Once we reached the shopping mall, I showed him the 'first-then' card and told him that he has to go through the haircut first before we allow him to play in the toy department at Isetan (he loves going there!).

He nodded his head and when we reached the hair salon, we were so surprised that he didn't even protest and was even eager to go in! But you know what, the hairdresser went for her lunch break and there was a sign that informed us that she will only be back about half an hour later! What luck!! Here is our boy, eager to have his haircut and the hairdresser has to be away!! So we waited and allowed Rayyan to play at the kiddy rides corner. But he kept going over to the hair salon! hahaha... We were so tickled by his enthusiasm!

And when finally the store reopened, Rayyan went in, sat on the chair quietly and didn't even whine when he was covered with the cloth!! Not a single tear during the whole haircut!!

We were so very proud of him!!

After that we decided to go to East Coast for dinner and at the same time, allow him to ride his bike. Like I said in my earlier post, we wanted him to try his four-wheeler again because the last time, he couldn't sit still on the bike and couldn't cycle properly.

And again, our boy did us proud!!! He was cycling happily the minute we put him on the bike!! Hooray!! Three cheers for Rayyan!! The only thing is.... he was so happy that at times, he didn't focus on the lane in front of him but was looking at the top, or the left or the right!! Almost bumped into others!! Hahaha

You have made Mummy and Daddy very, very happy today!! Big kisses from us! Muacksss!