Sunday, February 13, 2011


Through my blog, I got acquainted with some parents of ASD kids and we communicate pretty regularly via e-mail or FB. Yesterday, we were invited to a CNY gathering at one of the parent's house and the three of us had a really good time!

Finally, I was able to meet these wonderful parents and we shared stories, nagging concerns and tips. I finally got to meet the wonderful kiddos too! It was really great and I want to thank our dear Pauline for hosting the gathering and for having us over at her place! Thank you to you and your family for everything!

To the others, thank you for sharing your stories and for the useful advices and tips... We are 'thrown' together due to circumstances but together, we can help each other out. We may not meet each other often but we can always communicate via the internet or sms.

I pray that our kiddos show improvement day by day... In fact, yesterday's gathering made me realise even more how special these kids are and yes, each has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. Let's work on those strengths and overcome those weaknesses!!

God bless us all... ASD parents, UNITE!!! :D